Turtle Mat Dog & Bone Design Multi-Grip backing 60x85cm

Turtle Mat

Turtle Mat Dog & Bone Design Multi-Grip backing  60x85cm
  • £58.00

Turtle Mats are superb highly absorbent indoor barrier mats. The special cotton blend fibres will absorb up to 95% of Moisture, Mud and Dirt from shoes and paws.

Manufactured in the UK , Turtle Mats will help keep your floors clean and dry

This design has the Multi-Grip backing to minimise creep, making it anti-slip and suitable for all floor types 

Mat Size: 60x85cm  

Each Turtle Mat comes with a 5 year guarantee against defect , are machine washable and can be tumble dried (low setting)

All Multi-Grip backed Turtle Mats have square corners

Turtle Mat technology was originally developed to keep vital control rooms on North Sea oil rigs clean and dry Turtle Mat’s launched 20 years ago. First demonstrated at country fairs across the UK, they became an instant success offering greater protection for floors and carpet compared to more traditional nylon and coir mats Turtle Mats should be placed inside not out! They can also be used to soak up wet in areas such as utility rooms, bathrooms and by the kitchen sink

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